Mobile applications development

Most website visits are now made using mobile devices . Is your company ready for it and has mobile applications?

What devices are we browsing the internet from?

Mobile devices (smartphones) 0

Personal computers (laptops and desktop computers) 0

Tablets 0

Source: Gemius report (February 2021)

Selected advantages of mobile applications

  • More convenient for users compared to websites
  • Possibility of personalization and matching to the individual needs of the client
  • Customer needs research in real time (real-time marketing)
  • They work in offline mode
  • Facilitation by registration and social login
  • Mobile aplications keep customers for longer (installed applications often stay on smartphones, and customers may leave pages and may not come back)
  • Company image and prestige aspects (stand out from the competition)

Sample possibilities of mobile applications

Push notifications

Push notifications is certainly one of the most useful and popular features of mobile applications. Thanks to notifications we can be in constant contact with application users, and they can receive precisely selected notifications. As a result, we receive an extremely effective communication tool, and users and customers get an informations in convenient form tailored to their needs.

Keeping in touch with the brand

The company’s mobile application is a very effective tool for keeping customer contact with our company. By downloading the application, the customer usually agrees to our presence on his phone and to certain marketing communications . This can be information about current promotions, discounts, contests or other occasions. When a customer enters our site, they usually leave it a few moments later and may not return again. By downloading our application, he has constant contact with us, which is a priceless marketing communication channel, often ignored by unaware companies.


GPS is a frequently used feature in mobile applications. Thanks to geolocation we can not only calculate route or find our position on the map , but also direct very precise marketing activities e.g. to customers who are just near our company, store or service premises with a discount offer or an attractive promotion.

Document scanning

In many cases, a smartphone in connection with a mobile application can be used, e.g. as a scanner of documents, invoices, contracts, which can be immediately placed in the IT system database. This is a very convenient function with many applications, e.g. in workflow (document workflow), CRM , accounting systems, online legal services and many others.

Barcode scanning (EAN), QR

Mobile applications are a great tool for scanning bar codes ( EAN ) or QR codes . Thanks to them, by scanning the bar code, we can, for example, quickly check information about a given product, its composition, add it to the shopping list, etc. In the case of QR codes, we can be transferred to a selected website, we can add a contact to our contact database, e.g. on the phone, send e-mail, SMS, or download text or multimedia content.

Taking measurements

Using a smartphone, you can perform measurements in situations where you do not have measures with you or when you want to import the measurement results into mobile applications, e.g. in applications for interior design , arranging, etc.

Augmented reality / aided reality

Augmented Reality (AR) in simple words is the overlapping of real world images using a smartphone camera and virtual image provided by the mobile application. This gives great possibilities for practical applications from putting furniture or interior decoration elements on the image of the room seen in the phone camera, to Pokemon Go games, where players find Pokemon walking in the real world. Augmented reality is one of the most popular trends in currently created mobile applications.

Online forms

One of the simplest features of mobile applications is the ability to fill out online forms which are immediately saved in the database. An additional advantage here is the ability to use the form also in the offline version , e.g. by sales representatives who need to make a report and are in a place with limited range or completely without the range of the mobile network.

Fast mobile payments

Internet users not only use it more and more often with mobile devices, but also increasingly buy via mobile applications. This is a great opportunity to implement the quick online payments function in the application.

Device Control

Mobile applications can be used to control devices . Currently, more and more devices are connected to the internet. There is even term such as Internet of Things IoT. Thanks to this we can control such devices e.g. from the level of mobile applications.

Downloading data from specialist devices

Using special channels and communication protocols, mobile applications can download real-time data from specialized devices connected to the internet. Today, no one is surprised by applications that read e.g. weather data, information on the status of home devices from smart homes , alarm systems , security and many others.

Voice recorder, sound recognition

Smartphones, regardless of whether they work on Android or iOS, have a built-in function of recording surrounding sounds. It can be used both to record sounds as a voice recorder and e.g. adding voice notes in the CRM system or using a mobile application for voice commands, but also to recognize sounds . This feature is used, for example, in the popular Shazam application, which is used to recognize the songs we are currently listening to.


More and more companies create valuable audio materials in the form of so-called podcast . In simple words, these are recordings that we can listen to from the phone, e.g. by driving somewhere in a car, waiting in line or being on a walk. Thanks to the application, we can deliver such materials directly to the phone of our customers and inform them about new audio materials.

Loyalty programs

Do you have problems with customer loyalty? Loyalty programs are another area of ​​use for mobile applications. Register customers purchases and reward purchases made at specific outlets, encourage customers to collect points and exchange them for attractive prizes or discounts for your products or services.


Do you want to motivate your employees or clients for specific actions? Are you looking for custom ideas that will encourage them to do it? We will create a mobile application for you that uses gamification mechanisms. Gamification is the use of mechanisms known from games to motivate certain activities through play and competition.

Integrations with cloud systems

Your company has a system or software available online, e.g. in cloud ? Contact us and check if we can make a mobile application and integrate it with your system .

Remote company management, project management

For people who travel a lot or stay outside the company frequently, the mobile application can be a great tool for effective company management or project management . Making business decisions, delegating tasks, authorizing documents, checking the status of cases, whether the current situation in the company using mobile applications has become simpler and very convenient.

Are you looking for an idea for a mobile application for your company? Do you need inspiration? Do you have additional questions or do you need a pricing?


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