IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing


What is IT outsourcing?


Outsourcing is the use of external resources to achieve the company’s goals. In the case of IT outsourcing it is an order to making IT services by external company.



The benefits of IT outsourcing


  • lowering costs
    • lower employment costs (full-time jobs, social contributions, etc.)
    • no costs of employee training
    • no need to invest in hardware and software for employees
  • time save
    • fast response time
    • no need for time-consuming recruitment
    • experienced employees work faster
    • you can focus on manage your business by leaving us IT support
  • economic efficiency
    • no need to pay wages when there is no work to do
    • predictability and cost control
    • employment flexibility in the case of changing needs
  • specialist knowledge (know-how)
    • access to experienced Perfect One specialists




Do you need experienced specialists? Are you interested in hiring back-end developers, front-end developers, graphic designers, project managers, analysts, server administrators, testers, DevOps specialists etc.? You can hire individual specialists or entire teams (teamleasing) consisting of developers, testers, project managers etc. working in the Scrum / Kanban methodology.


How to rent an IT employee?


How does bodyleasing work with us?


First you specify your requirements for employees for hire, i.e. above all:

  • required skills, knowledge of programming languages, technology or other IT skills
  • experience level (including commercial) in years
  • knowledge of foreign languages (including level A1, B2 etc. – European System of Description for Language Education)
  • since when do you want to rent the employee and for how long
  • time dimension (full-time: 40 hours per week or part-time usually from 15-20 hours per week up)
  • expected working hours (e.g. from 8 AM – 4 PM)
  • proposed net salary range on the invoice for working-hour
  • additional requirements


Then, we will send you an anonymous detailed CV for review and selection. At a later stage, you will interview the candidates of your choice. Then, after signing the contract, you can use the employees you rent, describe them work details, assign tasks, verify them, etc. Only the salary rates are a topic that is agreed with us, not with the rented employees. After a certain period of time (e.g. weekly, biweekly or monthly) there is a payment based on the invoice we issue, and our company settle accounts with employees.


Bodyleasing includes rental, among others:

  • developers
  • servers administrators
  • DevOps
  • designers
  • testers
  • projects managers
  • analysts
  • and others


Bodyleasing in 5 steps

Requirements description

Specify your requirements from candidates, for what period you want to hire them, in what time dimension and specify rates

CV analyse

Browse CV selected by us suit to your requirements

Interview with candidates

Make recruitment interviews with the candidates of your choice

Rent employees

Sign a contract with us and start using the effects of rented employees


After a certain time (week, month, etc.), payment takes place

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